Rod launches campaign at March Town Hall

On Saturday (4 Feb) Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Rod Cantrill launched his campaign at March Town Hall, pledging to be a listening mayor who will put sustainability at the heart of everything he does.

At the launch local entrepreneur Rod talked about how he wanted to use his business and local government experience to improve the lives of people in every corner of the region.

He said that for too long local and Westminster politicians have prevented once thriving communities across our area, like March, from succeeding  and that the Mayoralty was a huge opportunity to reverse this trend.


During his speech Rod argued that the disastrous Greater Cambridge City Deal, in the south of the region, has proved that the Labour-Conservative top down approach to devolution has failed and it was high time politicians started putting residents first.

He pledged to be a listening Mayor, someone who works with residents to deliver positive change for their communities.  As part of this commitment, over the next few weeks he and his campaign team will be delivering survey’s to hundreds of thousands of residents in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

The Cambridge city councillor also told the large audience he believed people are fed up with politicians taking short term decisions. Instead he will make sustainability a key foundation of his Mayoralty.

Working to deliver jobs, transport infrastructure and affordable homes fit for the twenty second century in communities where people can both live and work rather than the dormitory developments we have seen built in recent times.

Commenting on his launch, Rod said:

“I believe people living across our area think it’s time we did politics differently across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

“Today’s launch was the start of that change. The Lib Dems and I are determined to fight to deliver the positive change our area desperately needs.

“For too long residents’ voices have been ignored by those in power, but this election is a huge chance to change that. Just as I have been a listening councillor, I will be a listening Mayor who works with residents to improve their communities.”

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