Europeans' #RightToStay


The Lib Dems believe that European citizens living in Britain should have a right to stay following Brexit.

To help us give security to every European in Britain by guaranteeing their #RightToStay - sign this petition below.

I/we call on Theresa May's government to GUARANTEE European citizens' right to stay following Brexit.


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    Lesley Dodd
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    Sign the petition: Europeans' #RightToStay
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    its both a personal and societal issue for me!

    We need to be open to all, not inward, and backward looking . Our kids deserve better !
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    Europeans whether workers, academics, resident or visiting are our brothers and sisters. They are welcome as our friends, maybe they are in our families. They are essential to cultural, scientific and economic collaboration in this country. This diversity of backgrounds and skills stimulates inventiveness, cross-fertilizes and raises the stakes in competitiveness and creativeness. European citizens in Britain contribute taxes towards the British economy and enrich it.
    I am born and bred in this country, but am half English and half Italian, with some French blood. I am a European to the core and I believe it is absolutely essential to the cultural, societal and economic well-being of this country that we remain in Europe. I want to feel I can be free to travel across Europe and be welcome just as any European should be able to do here. It is essential that we remain a beacon of tolerance and receptiveness to valuable ideas, that we remain a melting pot for cultural exchange and understanding.
    I am astonished and ashamed that our country with its tradition of openness and tolerance, should have taken such a step as to turn its back on Europe. I am saddened that so many English (not Scots) people should have forgotten the lesson of the World Wars that taught us that conflict can still happen between European countries. The aspiration to ensure such conflict would never happen again goes back to the Treaty of Paris in 1951 by binding the countries together economically and fostering collaboration, so that they were mutually interdependent. Britain joined in 1973. Are we to ditch these aspirations? Indeed, I do not see why 48% of the electorate should be forced to accept this ‘ditching’.
    What the media and many of our politicians are taking great pains to hide is that, without our seeking the permission of Brussels, we can choose to reverse Article 50. Nothing less than the reversal of Article 50 is what we should be seeking when we go to the elections on 8th June, and that – I suspect – is what the majority of the Cambridgeshire electorate will be seeking. Rod Cantrill will surely be putting across our need to stay at the centre of Europe for the benefit of our region when he stands for mayor on 4th May, as indeed will Julian Huppert in June.
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    Sign the petition: Europeans' #RightToStay
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    we are all part of Europe , have helped each other since the dark ages It is ridiculous that we find solidarity at such a late stage. All my friends & collegues are quite shocked that Government seem to be flagging, Surely ,, in order to aspire to a Government , we need strong leaders , people that are willing to take the reigns & move forward
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    If we do have to leave the EU, then we should stay in the single market and allow EU citizens who are here to remain.
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    These are my friends, neighbours and work colleague you talking about. Treat them with respect or you lose mine.
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    We need our EU colleagues in hospital, Universities now, and in the future.

    Many are afraid by the toxic xenophobic environment, with children at school (many born in UK) and Home Office responses to them.

    We need the EU to cut us a reasonable deal so be generous with their citizens now and respectful of their quandary now. We will all be worse off, but the size of the damage to the UK economy has yet to be determined and it is in their hands.

    Our economy needs the vast majority of resident EU citizens – be clear that the can stay or many will leave, and be harder to replace.
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    Sign the petition: Europeans' #RightToStay
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