Protect our Single Market Access


Many economists and business leaders are predicting that Theresa May’s decision to pull the UK out of the Single Market will be a disaster for jobs, businesses and our economy.

Small business owner and Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Rod Cantrill is concerned about how the government's decision will hit the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough economy.

As our first elected Mayor Rod will make supporting local businesses on a regional and national stage one of his top priorities. One of the ways he will do this is to be a strong voice for protecting our unrestricted access to the world’s largest market.

By signing the petition below you will be strengthening Rod‘s voice when he says to Theresa May and her Ministers that they need to protect the UK’s Single Market status.

I call on Theresa May’s Government to protect the UK’s access to the Single Market.

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    Leaving was stupid, Lets not make it any worse than it needs to be.
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    We're losing the Single Market! Want to keep Britain economically afloat? Well then, Sign this petition!
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    Retaining Britain’s access to the Single Market is vital to allowing Britain to remain a major power in Europe, and to keep hold of our influence on the EU. Without the Single Market, I think Britain will experience some economic decline for a few years. Though this wouldn’t be something that we couldn’t recover from, it seems like an unnecessary hardship to impose on ourselves.

    Brexit has already seriously harmed our relationship with the rest of Europe – leaving the EU was a regressive, nationalistic move, which should have had no place occurring in the modern world, which should be growing closer together, instead of further apart. Keeping Britain in the Single Market could be the first step in:

    Firstly, remaining unified with the rest of Europe,

    Secondly, keeping our country globally-oriented, be it economically, culturally, or governmentally,

    Thirdly, reversing the damage done by Brexit.

    Of course, to those who believe that Brexit was the way to go, keeping Britain in the Single Market should also be top priority, as the economic benefits exist despite any other conflicting beliefs. Losing the Single Market would put a chokehold on Britain; we’d be strangled, economically.

    Thank you Rod for supporting our continued membership in Europe’s Single Market. I wish Britain the best of luck in remaining part of the global community, and you in the upcoming election.

    Together, we can keep Britain in the Single Market. You have my support!
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    We need to go one further and reverse Article 50, which we are entitled to do.
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    John Clucas
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    Leaving the Single Market will cripple UK business and in turn will mean fewer jobs and less opportunity for everyone at every level of UK society.
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    Salvatore Di Maggio
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    Daniel A Bygrave
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    We need to avoid a damaging hard Brexit that no one voted for
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    Andrew Cox
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    Matthias Landgraf
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    Sign the petition: Save our Single Market access
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