Lib Dem Mayoral candidate launches ‘Protect our Single Market access’ campaign

As MPs vote on trigging Article 50, local entrepreneur, Remain campaigner and Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Rod Cantrill has launched a new campaign calling on Theresa May’s government to protect the UK’s access to the Single Market.


He’s launched the campaign because he’s concerned by the Prime Minister's decision to remove the UK from the Single Market as part of her Brexit negotiations; a move which many economists and business leaders have warned will be a disaster for jobs, businesses and the economy.

Along with activists from across the region, Rod wants the campaign to act as a strong reminder to MPs and Ministers as they vote on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill over the coming weeks that they shouldn’t be risking the livelihoods of thousands of people living in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Rod is asking residents to sign his online petition to protect the UK’s access to the Single Market. Over the coming weeks and months Rod will work to build a coalition of residents and businesses across the region to fight to protect our unrestricted access to the world’s largest market.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Rod Cantrill said:

“As a small business owner I strongly believe that the biggest threat to our region’s long term economic prosperity is the removal of our access to the Single Market.

“Whether Remain or Leave, nobody I’ve spoken to voted in June’s referendum to make local families poorer. But that’s exactly how the government’s plans will impact many living in our region.

“Given the potential threat to local jobs it’s so important that residents and businesses work together to tell the Prime Minister that her government have got this decision wrong.

“The decisions being made in Westminster over the coming weeks will impact our local economy for decades to come.

“Given how Ms May’s government have been acting since June’s referendum, it’s clear to me that we’ll need to fight to ensure that decisions are being taken in the best interest of the public, rather than a narrow fringe of the Conservative Party.

“That’s why I’m asking residents to sign my petition and help show the Prime Minister just how strongly opposed our region is to her plans.”

Click here to sign the petition today...


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