Shock at Labour support for LEP voting rights on Combined Authority

Rod Cantrill, the Lib Dem mayoral candidate, was disappointed to learn that Labour City Council leader Lewis Herbert had supported the Conservative’s decision to give the Greater Cambridgeshire and Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP) voting rights on the new Combined Authority. Representatives on the LEP are appointed rather than elected.

Bizarrely, the decision has been taken before the democratic process for electing a mayor for the region has taken place, and before legislation creating the new Combined Authority has been passed by Parliament.

Cllr Herbert’s decision was revealed thanks to Lib Dem questions put to him about the status of devolution for the region.

Rod_Cantrill.jpgSmall business owner Rod Cantrill commented: “I am shocked and disappointed that this decision has been taken and that it had the support of Labour. It doesn’t bode well for the democratic values and processes of the Combined Authority.

“It is clear that the LEP does not act in the best interests of all residents from across the region, as seen by its attempt to attract employers away from Fenland - an area in need of more employment not less - to enterprise zones in the south west of the county.

“As candidate and as Mayor, I will listen to and act for everyone across our region and will seek to make the Combined Authority more democratic, accountable and transparent.”