A Mayor for Business


Cllr Rod Cantrill, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the elected Mayor for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough has committed to support businesses across the region to ensure continued success. 

At the Cambridge Network hustings to be held on 5th April, he will suggest that the region faces two major challenges, the impact of BREXIT and ensuring growth is delivered on a sustainable basis.

As Mayor, Rod will deliver on the three key issues that businesses say they face in order to succeed;

  1. helping equip employees with the skills that businesses need,
  2. addressing the regions housing crisis by delivering sustainable homes that are affordable.
  3. delivering an integrated transport strategy to ensure that businesses are able to be connected, regionally, nationally and internationally.

As Mayor, Rod would seek to play a key role, along with business and others, in delivering a regional industrial strategy as part of the broader national goal.

Cllr Rod Cantrill commented “As I have met business owners in Cambridge and across the region I have listened to their concerns.  They have told me that their success is at risk because they struggle to find people with the right skills, the cost of housing for their employees and the state of the regions transport system.  In addition, they worry about the impact of BREXIT on them.

 “I strongly believe that a key role of the new devolved Mayor is to address the issue of improving the skills of people, to drive the delivery of new affordable homes and to set out a clear integrated transport strategy that focuses on sustainable transport such as rail, bus and cycling and embracing ideas such as light rail for Cambridge and bus franchising.

 “I will also be a strong voice for the region on fighting for more funding to cushion the region from BREXIT and ensure that the message goes out that Cambridge and the region is open for investment, open for talent open for ideas”

As Mayor, Rod will be a beacon for the region not a bureaucrat, ensuring that Cambridge and the region is open for investment, open for talent open for ideas


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